SERT members undergo CPR training

Members of the Southwest Emergency Response Team (SERT) recently underwent CPR training. The four-hour session was facilitated by Racheal Trigg, Southwest instructor in Emergency Medical Technology. The small class of eight allowed each individual to practice performing life-saving maneuvers for adults, young children and even infants.

ambulance simulator

SERT Team member Elizabeth Golden simulates proper infant CPR technique.

SERT member Elizabeth Golden says the training taught her that not only do seconds count when performing CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but also proper technique is paramount. “I learned you can’t just pound on someone’s chest,” she said. “There is a proper way to hold your hands, learn the counting time between compressions and breaths and the proper amount of air to put in them,” Golden added. Golden and her fellow CPR trainees also learned how to operate an Automated External Defibrillator, known as an AED machine, which provides an electric shock to the victim’s heart. “I am glad I took the course and if put in that situation, I would confidently react,” Golden said.

Police Services Captain L. A. Webb says the SERT members are not only charged with conducting drills for the campus, but also are vital partners in campus safety and security. “In the event that someone is in crisis, one of the SERT members can spring into action and possibly save a life,” she said.

Another group of team members will be trained February 23.

CPR Training.

The SERT team

CPR Training

Dr. Julia Waits, Associate Professor in Natural Sciences, uses a mannequin to demonstrate proper technique for using an AED. Rachel Trigg (seated) evaluates her performance while the class looks on.