Schedule Library Instruction training for your students today

When it comes to accessing information, Library Services is ready to help students tap into a world of resources on-site and online.  Faculty are encouraged to reach out to Library staff to schedule Library Instruction training for their students each semester to help them learn how to get the most out of their library experience through the myriad of research tools that are at their disposal, including professional online journal databases, ebooks, career resources, bibliographic citation tools and more.

Bornblum Library

Library Director Patrick O’Daniel says Library Instruction is designed to help students reach their academic goals by learning how to evaluate and effectively use information both in print and electronic formats. “We will teach students how to navigate the library resources and find the best sources of information needed to complete assignments and conduct in-depth study of subjects covered in their programs,” O’Daniel said.  “They also will acquire the skills needed to keep pace with current trends in their areas of study and to become life-long learners.”

Library Instruction is conveniently offered on-site in the classrooms and library computer labs at the Macon Cove and Union Avenue campuses and Maxine Smith and Whitehaven centers or online in real time.

Faculty are invited to contact Gloria Hayden at or 333-4733 to schedule a Library Instructionclass today.