STUDENT NEWS: Students spruce up campuses on Saluqi Clean Up Day

Eighty students participated in Salqui Clean Up Day March 19 at the Macon Cove and Union Avenue Campuses. Saluqi Success Pathway Coach Devin Foster organized the event in collaboration with the offices of Student Development and Physical Plant. Foster helps Tennessee Promise students meet their scholarship requirements. “I decided to do a clean-up day as a great way for students to earn community service hours and pitched the idea to the Student Development team,” she said.

“I thought the clean- up would benefit the college, build school spirit by giving all our students an opportunity to invest in their campus and alleviate some of their transportation issues surrounding community service projects.”

Clean Up Day took place in designated areas outside the campuses and indoors. Students worked in teams throughout the morning and early afternoon painting, picking up trash, cleaning windows and removing cobwebs, clearing out debris from rooms, and more.

The Department of Retention and Student Success hosted the clean-up event. Foster met with Student Development Director Phoenix Worthy to plan the logistics and the effort quickly grew into a collaborative project. “I appreciate the efforts of all those involved, including Jonathan Weldon and Kenneth Moten from Physical Plant, Jivanta Farmer for providing supplies and team members to ensure the safety of the students, and our department’s student leaders and team for helping promote the event and provide food vouchers for our volunteers,” Foster said. “Southwest has unlimited potential when students and staff work together to positively impact our community!”