Ordering paper just got easier

By Mike Neal, Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration

Staples, our office supplies vendor, is known for the “easy” button. We are going to put that motto to the test when we transform our paper ordering system.

Beginning July 1, 2019, all copy paper and other paper supplies will be ordered from Staples, Inc., using the normal office supply ordering procedure. Simply place your order in SciQuest as you normally would and Staples will do the rest.

We have looked for ways to streamline the paper procurement process, while remaining cost conscious. Staples has committed to 24-hour desktop delivery at a competitive rate. Procuring paper will be as easy as ordering pens, notepads and other office supplies. Copy paper supplies will no longer be available through the College’s Printing Services Department after July 1.

This new policy streamlines the ordering process and will allow Financial and Administrative Services to more precisely quantify paper usage, track expenditures and perform budget forecasting.

We hope you find this new procedure seamless and convenient. Feel free to call the Purchasing and Auxiliary Services Department at 901-333-4236 with your feedback, questions or concerns.