Equity and compliance rolls out new system for reporting and managing behavior

The Office of Equity and Compliance has implemented a new case management software system, MAXIENT, to improve processes for reporting behavioral incidents that occur on Southwest property and managing behavior records. Maxient enables faculty and staff to quickly report incidents through a convenient electronic form.

All are encouraged to report incidents concerning the behavior of students, faculty, and staff within our college community. Reportable behaviors include, but are not limited to, conduct that violates Title VI (discrimination/harassment) or Title IX (dating violence/sexual misconduct), and other forms of student misconduct.

Maxient’s Conduct Manager is an essential tool for timely alerts regarding any behavioral concerns. It enables the College to manage critical aspects of an incident and collect information provided by various members of our community.

In addition to Maxient, the Office of Equity and Compliance will continue to accept emailed reports and provide a confidential drop box on the office door at the Union Avenue Campus in the Parrish Building, Room 221.

To report an incident

Go to the Office of Equity & Compliance page and click the complete a report here link. Review the incident types and select the one that best describes the incident you need to report. Then click the corresponding link under “Where to Report” to create your report. Please complete the form in its entirety so that Equity and Compliance may efficiently assist you.

For more  information or assistance with Maxient, contact Equity and Compliance at (901) 333-5849.