Information Services celebrates National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with trivia and training

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  To celebrate this focus on digital security, the Information Services Division will host a trivia contest to test Southwest employees’ knowledge about all things cyber.  Information Technology Security/CISO Director Jim Sorrell will email a cyber-security trivia question to the College each week in October.  Correct answer submissions will be placed in a prize drawing at the end of the week and the winner will be announced with the release of the next question.  The weekly winner will receive a free lunch worth up to $8 in The Taste cafeterias.

“The questions will vary in difficulty,” Sorrell says.  “A sample cyber trivia question would be ‘How many ways can information be disseminated throughout the college?’ The answer is 6:  1) computers via email or a flash drive, 2) telephone lines such as fax machines, 3) internal papers, such as paper left unattended inside a person’s office, 4) external papers, such as papers left unattended on copy machines and in other public areas, 5) conversations between employees and unauthorized parties and 6) vendor theft of intellectual property.”

IT also will launch its college-wide, mandatory Information Security Awareness Training.  In an effort to meet cybersecurity standards and as part of Southwest’s ongoing compliance efforts, all Southwest Tennessee Community College employees are required to complete the Information Security Awareness training each year.  “Last year, Southwest achieved 100 percent compliance with this important state mandate,” Sorrell said.  “President Hall’s goal is 100 percent participation again this year.”

The purpose of information security awareness training is to ensure all employees are aware of their role in protecting the college’s information assets, as well as preventing any unauthorized access, modification, or loss of sensitive information. The course currently consists of short videos and it should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.  Each video takes 2 to 5 minutes to complete and will require that you answer a few questions at the end.  Employees do not need to complete all of the training in one setting.  Completed modules are saved and the employee picks up where they left off when they resume their training at a later time.

Deadline to complete all of the modules is Dec. 2, 2019.

Employees will receive an email from Secure the Human, the training vendor, early this month that will contain necessary credentials and instructions on how to access the Information Security Awareness training.  A certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of the course. Information Technology Services does not need a copy of this certificate; however, employees are encouraged to retain a copy for their records.

Questions or concerns should be directed to Jim Sorrell, Southwest Director of IT Security/CISO at or 901-333-4987.