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Contact Information
Macon Cove Campus
Academic Building
Wing B, Room 271
Phone 901-333-4130
Fax 901-333-4377
Phone 901-333-6055


Carl Swoboda, Program Coordinator

Welcome to the Department of Accountancy! The mission of the Accountancy Program is to offer a quality-learning environment conducive to providing students with skills and competencies for employment, career advancement, and university transfer opportunities.

Programs of Study

The Accountancy curriculum prepares students to enter directly into the accounting profession.

Associate of Applied Science Degree [A.A.S.]

Associate of Science [A.S.]

Technical Certificates

Accountancy and Tax Preparer

Program and Course Information

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Accountancy is part of the Career Studies Division. For more information about the Accountancy degree programs, feel free to email Carl Swoboda, program coordinator, or call 901-333-6055 with specific questions about the program.