Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions concerning the "Waitlist" option are listed below.

If I am notified to register for a waitlisted section of a course and decide that I no longer want to enroll in the course, will I be automatically dropped from the waitlist?

You will automatically be dropped from a waitlist when you are notified of an available seat and you do not register before the deadline. You will also be dropped from the waitlist if you are registered for other classes and do not make payment or sign up for the payment plan by the payment deadline. All waitlists will be cancelled before the term begins.

May I sign up for waitlists for different sections of the same course?

No, you may not waitlist for multiple sections (CRNs) of the same course. Please waitlist only for sections (CRNs) that you really want to register for.

Will I be charged tuition and fees for signing up for a waitlist?

No. If you are on a waitlist for a class, you are not registered for the class so you will not be charged tuition and fees for the waitlisted class. You will be charged tuition and fees for the class when you register for the class.

If you are registered for other classes, you must pay your tuition and fees or sign up for the payment plan by the payment deadline. If you are dropped from classes due to non-payment, you will also be dropped from the waitlists.

What happens when waitlisting ends for the term?

When waitlisting ends for the term, all waitlists are dropped. Classes with open seats, that have not met are then available for registration to all eligible students. Students must visit the office of Admissions and Records at the Macon Cove or Union Avenue campus to add a class.

May I waitlist for a different section (CRN) of a course I am already registered in?

No, you may not waitlist for a different section (CRN) of a course (e.g. HIST 2010) you are registered for.

May I sign up for more than one waitlist?

Yes, you may sign up for more than one waitlist for different courses. We strongly urge you to select your waitlist classes carefully and drop yourself from all waitlists once your schedule has been finalized so other students may have an opportunity to register for available courses in a timely manner.

When is the deadline for me to register for the waitlisted class?

The email notification sent to you for the waitlisted class will let you know the deadline to register for the class. Please check your My.Southwest email frequently to avoid missing your opportunity to register for your waitlisted class. The deadline will be 12 hours from the time the notification was sent.

I received an email notifying me of an available seat but I didn't register before the deadline. What should I do?

If you are still interested in registering for the class, you may add yourself to the waitlist again. You will be added to the bottom of the waitlist. Once the deadline has passed, the seat is offered to the next student on the waitlist so it is no longer available to you.

Once I've been notified of an available seat, how do I register for the class?

When you receive an email notification for an available seat in your waitlisted class, log in to your My.Southwest account. Scroll down to the "Quick Links" section and click the "Add/Drop" link. Click on the dropdown Action box next to the waitlisted class and select the option to register. Go to the bottom of the page and submit your registration change. If you decide that you do not want to register for this class, you should select to drop the class from the dropdown list and go to the bottom and Submit Changes.

How can I find out if a class has waitlist spaces available?

When doing a class search in the class schedule of your My.Southwest account, the classes with waitlist spaces available will show the number of spaces available in the "Wait avail" column. A blank indicates no waitlist, a zero indicates there is a waitlist but all the spaces on the waitlist are taken, and a positive number in the column indicates the number of waitlist spaces available.

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