Articulation Agreement: Southwest and Strayer University

  1. Purpose
    This articulation agreement is designed to coordinate transfer policies, enhance advising, and promote the acceptance of the transfer of associate degrees from Southwest Tennessee Community College (Southwest) to Strayer University (Strayer).
  2. Elements of the agreement
    1. Admission Practices, Acceptance and Application of Credit
      1. Strayer agrees that if a student satisfactorily completes any related associate degree and presents the appropriate transcript documentation of such the registrar of S.U. the following general principles apply:
        1. Southwest students who have a Southwest GPA of at least 2.0 are guaranteed admission to Strayer. Once admitted students are subject to all other policies and procedures, including residency requirement of Strayer, as outlined in the Strayer catalog.
        2. Student is exempt from paying the Strayer application fee
        3. All courses required to complete the specific related associate degree program will be transferred into the bachelor's program in their entirety, including “C-“ and “D” grades, allowing the student to complete a related degree program at Strayer in about two years of full-time study. These courses are subject to Strayer policies, including a ten-year limitation on courses in accounting and computer related areas.
        4. Prior Learning Activity and other life experience credits already evaluated as part of the associate degree program will be brought in with the degree.
      2. Although students are encouraged to complete an associate degree prior to transfer, Strayer will accept applications from all Southwest students. Students transferring without an associate degree will have credits evaluated on a course by course basis. Only courses in which a grade of “C” or higher was earned, are eligible for transfer.
      3. Students can transfer a maximum of 120 quarter credit hours or 84 semester credit hours. Service members, Opportunity College (SOC) students may transfer up to 135 quarter credit hours.
      4. If a student does not have the prerequisite for a 300 or 400 level course at Strayer, he or she may be required to take the prerequisite course before taking the upper division course.
      5. Strayer will evaluate courses/credits earned through advanced placement (AP), College level examination program (CLEP) or other testing programs. Strayer will also evaluate courses/credits earned at other institutions. Students seeking credit for these courses must provide the Strayer with official transcripts for evaluation.
      6. Students enrolling under this agreement will be subject to all Strayer University policies as outlined in the Strayer University Catalog.
    2. Implementation of the Agreement
      1. Strayer and Southwest will review this agreement every three years
      2. Upon request Strayer will provide Southwest reports on enrolled Southwest transfer students, their majors, and academic performance to the extent permitted by law.
      3. Strayer and Southwest agree to assist each other in promoting this agreement appropriately in their respective promotional materials, events, websites, reports and through the sharing of mailing/email lists, consistent with the family educational rights and privacy act.
      4. Strayer will encourage Southwest transfer students to complete the appropriate associate degree either before matriculation to the Strayer or by reverse transfer of course credit following admission to and attendance at Strayer. Strayer will develop a reverse transfer credit process that includes the methodology to notify students after they have completed a total (transfer and Strayer credits) of at least 90 quarter hours (60 semester hours).
      5. This agreement may be amended, as necessary, for specific program articulation without affecting the master agreement.
      6. This agreement will remain in effect until terminated by either party on 90 days prior written notice all notices to be given shall be delivered in writing as follows:
    3. Presidential Signatures

    If to Strayer
    Agreement Specialist and Associate Degree Coordinator
    Strayer University
    1133 15th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20005

    If to Southwest
    Barbara Roseboro
    Interim Provost
    Southwest Tennessee Community College
    5983 Macon Cove
    Memphis, TN 38134

    Note: The page above has been created to allow for accessibility for all. The signed contract which is the primary source for this accessible version can be found on the scanned copy of the contract agreement. This copy is a scanned image and is not accessible.