Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee serves the Architectural Engineering Technology program by providing input and suggestions, assisting in employment, donating equipment and software, teaching as adjunct faculty, and offering expertise on technical equipment. A list of the participating companies and position represented is shown below:

  • Auto Zone, Project Manager
  • Buchner Architects, Principal
  • Fisher & Arnold Inc., Department Head
  • Hall Blake Associates, President
  • John Pruett Architects, Principal Architect
  • Memphis Heritage, Director
  • Pickering, Bill Woods
  • Southwest Tennessee Community College, Associate Professors
  • Southwest Tennessee Community College, Student Graduate
  • SSR Ellers, Engineer
  • State of Tennessee, Architect
  • Sullivan Associates Home Plans, President
  • Tahiliani & Associates, Principal Engineer
  • Tennessee Technology Center-Instructors
  • Tetra, Engineering Assistant