Contact Information
Macon Cove Campus
Farris Building, Room 1114
Phone 901-333-4227
Fax 901-333-4751

Union Avenue Campus
C Building, Room 205
Phone 901-333-5452
Fax 901-333-5455


At present time textbooks are available for purchase as follows:

Note: Not every textbook is available in every format.

In store textbook and supplies can be purchased using cash, check or by credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa). If paying by check you must present the following:

Textbooks can be purchased at the bookstores on the Macon Cove or Union Avenue campuses or through the website.

Refund Policy

The last day for a refund for the Summer II 2014 semester will be July 14. Customers must have the receipt with barcode and the books must be in the same shape they were purchased.

You may return your textbooks for a full refund if you have the original receipt, the book is in the original condition and it is returned by the posted date on receipt.

Rental Return Date

Rental return date for Summer I and Summer II is August 8. You can check in your rented books anytime before the August 8 date. Students who rented textbooks are reminded to check them into the Bookstore by the above pre-determined date, to avoid late charges.

Cash for Books

Buyback starts at the beginning of the semester and ends about a week later at the Macon Cove and Union Avenue Campus Bookstore. It doesn't matter where you purchased the books, the Bookstore will pay you CASH for your books. Even though the bookstore buys back textbooks every day, the next major buying period will be May 1 through May 9.