Career Planning

Kuder Career Planning System – Journey

Whether you are trying to decide on a major, are unclear about career options or want to make a career change, the Kuder® Journey is a great place to start. This career guidance tool will help you explore and learn about all types of options, plus the information can be customized for the following users:

  • college (postsecondary) student
  • first-time job-seeker
  • career changer
  • veteran or active member of the military
  • adult with a disability
  • ex-offender
  • retired person

Easy Step-by-Step Process

  1. Getting Started: Begin by contacting Career Services at 901-333-4180 or Advising at 901-333-4594/5122 to obtain the J Activation Code, required to access the system.
  1. Individual Registration and Login Instructions:
    • Go to the Tennessee College and Career Planning System (opens new window) website.
    • Select New Users from the Login area to begin the registration process.
    • Select Student and choose your grade level from the drop down menu. Or, select Adult and choose your user type from the drop down menu.
    • Click Continue to create your account.
    • During the process you will need to create a unique User Name and Password. Write down your User Name and Password for future reference.
    • Enter the J Activation Code that was provided by Career Services or Advising.
    • Be sure to check the box next to "I have read and agree to the. terms and conditions of use."
    • Click Create New Account to complete the process.
  1. Journey Home Page: Once you have created your account, you will be directed to your Journey home page to access the system's tools and resources via the top navigation menu. Your home page also provides a link to your messages, to do list, recommended links, and account information where you can update your profile, upload a photo, and change your grade level each year or your user type/background information.
  1. Taking an Assessment: The first step in the educational and career planning process is learning about yourself.
    • Click on Assessments from the top navigation menu.
    • Choose Take an Assessment and click on one of the assessment titles. To get started, you will select your desired education level/degree that you plan to attain.
    • Once you complete the assessments, use your results and the other available tools from the top navigation menu to support your ongoing education and career exploration and planning.
  1. Logging In: To re-enter your account, go to Tennessee College and Career Planning System (opens new window), select Log In, and enter your User Name and Password.

Any questions concerning this information should be directed to Career Services at 901-333-4180 or Advising at 901-333-4594/5122.