Tennessee Promise

Continuing Education

Community Programs

We encourage lifelong learning and provides educational/professional development opportunities to the community as well as specific target audiences. Through an array of non-credit offerings, conferences, workshops, seminars, public forums, and other short courses, individuals can expand their knowledge and increase their skills. These programs are offered to the general public and are conducted at Southwest’s two main campuses, centers, and sites, as well as at various locations in the community.

In addition, we place a high priority on activities involving all community segments regardless of age, social, ethnic, or economic background. Community service and lifestyle programs are an integral part of the offerings to the community. Instruction is offered in lifestyle interests such as golf, dance, floral design, motorcycle riding, handgun safety, and other leisure and self-improvement courses. We facilitate informal activities such as community service forums or luncheons to bring various groups into dialogue. Suggestions for new classes and community activities are always welcome.

Contact us at 901-333-4207 for more information.