Corporate Training & Continuing Education

Computer Training

Just starting out? Upgrading your current skills? We offer a class to fit your needs! From introduction to computers, operating systems, spreadsheets, word processing, and databases, to the Internet, programming, and communications/networking, Southwest is the place to go for computer skills instruction.

For the student who has little or no experience with a computer, we offer basic training courses including Introduction to Computers and Windows. By starting at the beginning, the student can reach a certain level of knowledge and experience relating to computer terminology, software, hardware, and the Windows Operating System.

For the student who has been working with computers and has a good working knowledge of his/her personal computer and operating system, we offer a wide variety of computer application, programming, and networking classes.

Our Department offers computer classes in semester length, one-and two-day seminar formats, and 8-week classes for Seniors. Our instructor-led classes provide one computer per student, emphasizing a hands-on learning experience. These seminars, which award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEs), are available to the general public or can be customized to meet individual business needs and delivered on a contract basis.

For the business community, we offer computer training on a contract basis. Computer training can be customized, delivered at the customer's preferred location, formatted in an educational/training package that is best suited to the customer's needs, and is always competitively priced.