All faculty members in the Computer Engineering Technology program are located in the Fulton Building on the Macon Cove Campus.

Name/Email/Title/Credentials Phone Number Building/Room
Salahuddin M. Masum
Email: smmasum@southwest.tn.edu
Associate Professor, Technologies
B.Sc. (CSE), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2001
M.Sc. (CSE), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2005
M.Sc., (EECE), University of Memphis, 2010
M.B.A., University of Memphis, 2013
M.Sc., University of Memphis, 2014
901-333-4166 Fulton/305
Forrest A. Smith
Email: fsmith5@southwest.tn.edu
Assistant Professor, Technologies
B.S.E.E., University of Memphis, 2008
M.S.E.E., University of Memphis, 2009
901-333-4291 Fulton/321
Janet Sykes
Email: jsykes@southwest.tn.edu
Associate Professor, Technologies
B.S.E.T., University of Memphis, 1998
M.S.E.T., University of Memphis, 2000
901-333-4138 Fulton/311