Building Codes

The following codes are used on various documents throughout the college to denote a particular building or class location.

Building Codes
Building Code Description
ADC Arlington Developmental Center
AGRI Agricenter
AHLTH Union Avenue Campus - Allied Health Building
FA Macon Cove Campus - Farris Building
FAY Fayette County
FCCC Fayette County Career Center
FRLIB Macon Cove Campus - Freeman Library
FWHS Fayette-Ware High School
GAA Somerville Board of Education
GAE Arlington Developmental Center
GAY Fayette Ware High School
GILL Gill Campus
MAA Macon Cove Campus - Academic Building A
MAB Macon Cove Campus - Academic Building B
MAC Macon Cove Campus - Academic Building C
MASM Maxine Smith Building
MB Macon Cove Campus - Butler Building
MF Macon Cove Campus - Fulton Building
MILL Millington Center
MJ Macon Cove Campus - Jennings Building
MLGW Memphis Light Gas & Water
MLIB Macon Cove Campus - Bert Bornblum Library
MN Macon Cove Campus - Nabors Aud
MOD1 Macon Cove Campus - Campus Mod Building 1
MOD2 Macon Cove Campus - Campus Mod Building 2
MP Macon Cove Campus - Parrish Building
MS Macon Cove Campus - Sulcer Building
MT Macon Cove Campus - Thornton Building
MW Macon Cove Campus - Whitehead Building
NURS Union Avenue Campus - Nursing Building
SA Maxine A. Smith Center - Building A
SCC Somerville Career Center
SE Southeast (Mendenhall Mall)
UA Union Avenue Campus - Building A
UB Union Avenue Campus - Building B
UC Union Avenue Campus - Building C
UD Union Avenue Campus - Building D
UE Union Avenue Campus - Building E
UF Union Avenue Campus - Building F
UJ Union Avenue Campus - Jess Parrish Building
ULIB Union Avenue Campus - Libary
UM Union Avenue Campus - Building M
UVS Union Avenue Campus - Verties Sails Building
WIL Millington Center - Willis Hall
WTHVN Whitehaven Center