Equity & Compliance: Documents and Forms

This page contains various documents and forms used under the Office of Equity & Compliance.

Note: Some items shown below are Adobe PDFs and require Adobe Reader.

ADA Accommodations

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) provides broad nondiscrimination protection in employment, public services, and public accommodations for individuals with disabilities. The Office of Equity and Compliance coordinates disability services for all employees and applicants for employment. It is the policy of Southwest to provide access to all regardless of disability, and we fully comply with all laws that ensure equal opportunities for persons with disability.

If you are a disabled applicant or employee who desires reasonable accommodations, you may download the Reasonable Accommodation Form (PDF)  to begin the process.

Compliance Directory

The Compliance Directory serves as a reference tool for Southwest faculty, staff and students to identify and contact the designated individuals with significant compliance related day to day responsibilities.

View the Compliance Directory

Complaint Form

Pursuant to TBR Guideline P-080, the Office of Equity & Compliance is responsible for ensuring the prompt, thorough, and fair investigation of complaints of discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, creed, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, age, status as a covered veteran and/or genetic information.

If you feel your rights have been violated, please complete the Complaint Form (PDF), contact the Office of Equity and Compliance at 901-333-5005 or visit us in the Parrish Bldg. Room 221.

Appeal Form

Because Southwest is committed to a high quality resolution of every case, we afford the Complainant and Respondent an opportunity to appeal the Office of Equity and Compliance’s decision concerning Respondent’s responsibility for the alleged conduct.

If you would like to appeal the outcome of your case, you may complete the Complaint Appeals Form (PDF) and submit it to equityappeals@southwest.tn.edu.

Linguinstica Language Service

One important facet of Title VI involves providing meaningful access to programs and services for individuals that are considered to have Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Southwest does not discriminate in our programs and/or services based on an individual’s ability to communicate in English. To ensure that all individuals are able to communicate, either in writing or verbally, the Southwest utilizes Linguistica International to provide translation services on an as needed basis.

You may download the Language Identification Card (PDF).


The Office of Equity and Compliance is dedicated to keeping Southwest abreast of compliance related matters that may rise within our community.  Our bi-annual compliance newsletter is sent to the entire College on January 14th and August 14th of each year for the College’s review. You may download the Compliance Matters Newsletters here.