Voice Mail Instructions


The voice mail system’s phone number is 5600.  The first time you call it from your extension, you will be directed through the voice mailbox setup process.

To automatically direct people to your voice mail, you’ll need to forward your calls to 5600.  You use the normal #4 5600 and #8 5600 to forward on no answer and busy, and *4 and *8 to cancel such forwarding.  You are responsible for forwarding your phone in accordance with the Southwest voice mail policy.

When you’ve received voice mail, regular telephone users will hear a “stutter tone” when they pick up the receiver.  Users with digital sets (Dterms) will see the red light in the upper right corner of their phone.

To listen to your voice mail messages, call 5600.  If you’re calling from another phone on campus, enter # 9 followed by your extension number after the system answers.  Directions for checking your voice mail from off campus are given later.

Everywhere in voice mail, answer “Yes” by pressing “1”, “No” by pressing “2”.

For problems or assistance with voice mail, call the campus help desk at extension 4357 (HELP).  The voice mail system is physically located at the Union Avenue campus, so problem resolution requires coordination with our counterparts there.

Initial Setup

Decide what you want your greeting to say.  It should be something like one of the following examples:

It is important to always include directions for dialing zero to reach someone if they wish.  If they “zero-out” of the call, they are automatically transferred to the front desk (or wherever its calls are being answered at the time).

  1. Pick a security code for your voice mailbox.  It must be between 3 and 10 digits long, and should be something you can remember.  This will be used as a password for access to your voice mailbox. Don’t forget this security code!!! There is no way of finding out what it is.
  2. Dial 5600 from your phone.  You must be at your phone to set up voice mail for that phone.  If the system doesn’t start walking you through the setup process when you call, you will need to log a help call so we can have it fixed.
  3. Follow the directions you hear.  You will be asked to record your name, if you want to be in the automated phone directory (all one-person phones should), asked about setting a security code (all should do this), and of course record the message you’ve selected to have played when it answers.

  Quick Key Reference

Quick key sequences in Voice Mail after accessing your mailbox

Press 4

Check new messages

Press 5

Leave messages

Press 6

Review old messages

Press 7

Change setup options

Press 36

Delete current message (you will not be prompted for this one – remember it!)

Use 1 - for yes prompt

Use 2 - for no prompt

Checking Messages on Premises:

  1. Dial 5600 (Enter #  9 and your mailbox number (your extension number) if calling from someone else’s phone)
  2. Enter Security Code.  The system sill announce how many messages you have
  3. Press 1 to listen.  After each message you will get a time and date stamp.

  After listening to each message, they will be in the Reviewed pile until midnight each day, unless you archive the message.  Archived messages are stored for 10 days in the Review pile.

  To Archive a Message:
While listening to the message

  1. Press 2 to interrupt it
  2. Press 2 for NO to avoid redirecting it
  3. Press 1 for YES to archive the message.

 Play Back Key Controls:
While Listening to Messages
4 - Slower
5 - Change Volume
6 - Faster
7 - Backward
8 - Pause
9 - Forward
# - Repeat the entire message.

To Review Old Messages:

  1. Dial 5600
  2. Enter Security Code
  3. Dial 6 - To Review Old Messages or wait until asked and press 1 for Yes.

 After each reviewed message, you will be asked if you want to Redirect or Archive, Press 2.  After you listen to an old message, it is deleted unless you archive it.

Transferring a Call Directly to a Voicemail Box:

  1. Press Transfer
  2. Dial 5600
  3. Dial extension number +2
  4. Hang up immediately (If you hear the person's voice mail message, the caller won't.)

  Checking Messages Off Premise:

  1. Dial 333-5656 (Will hear greeting)
  2. Bypass Greeting - Dial 9 + Ext. number
  3. Enter Security Code
  4. Listen to Messages

To Leave Messages for Other Mailbox Owners:

  1. Dial 5600
  2. Enter Security Code
  3. Dial 5 - To Leave Messages or wait until asked and press 1 for Yes.
  4. Press 1 to confirm
  5. Record your message at the beep
  6. Press * to stop recording

To Mark a Message for Special Delivery:

  1. Follow procedures for Leaving Messages
  2. When asked “Message Options” press 1 for YES
  3. Press 1 if  you wish to edit the message, otherwise press 2
  4. Press to request special delivery.
  5. Select the Special Delivery options that you want. For future delivery, select the day and time to send the message.  The System will confirm your options.
  6. Press 1 to send the message

Help Prompt

If you are unsure how to proceed when the system asks you a question, you can enter 3 to hear a Help menu of options at that point.

  To Change Setup Options:

  1. Dial 5600
  2. Enter Security Code
  3. Dial 7 (Change Setup Options)
    4 Setup Options: