Faculty Responsibility

Upon receipt of the letter, each faculty member is responsible for reviewing the information in the letter. At any point that faculty members have questions or concerns about the information contained in the letter, they should immediately contact the Disability Counselor responsible for disability services to discuss the question or concern. All questions are to be directed to the Disability Counselor and not the student. Until the Disability Counselor is contacted, it can only be assumed that there are no questions with any particular student's accommodation package.

Reasonable accommodation in the classroom is an individual civil right guaranteed by federal legislation (Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504). Once the accommodations are identified, the accommodations must be provided. The only option is how the accommodation will be provided. Most classroom accommodations are easy to arrange and will not take much time to administer. If, however, assistance is needed, contact the Student Disability Services Office. The Student Disability Services Program will make the accommodation process simple and effective for both student and staff.