Southwest Tennessee Community College

November 9, 2004

For More Information, Contact: Kimberly Stark (901) 333-4023

Release written by Bobby King

Move over Lewis and Clark, Southwest Tennessee Community College is proud of its own pioneering duos. The Southwest Piano Ensemble will present their first ever recital, The Way You Duo the Things You Duo, on Sunday, November 21 at 1 p.m. The free recital will be held at Amro Music, 2918 Poplar Avenue.

The Southwest Piano Ensemble is new to the College, and is the only student piano ensemble at any college or university in the Memphis area. The recital will be the ensemble’s debut performance. “The students have a wide range of musical skills,” said Dr. Steve Katz, professor of music at Southwest. “But what they have in common is a love of music and a desire to make music.”

Special guests will include Dr. Katz on piano; Michelle Walker, virtuoso violist; and Robert Schwarz on woodwinds. The guests will join members of the Southwest Piano Ensemble to perform selections as diverse as Gershwin’s Someone to Watch over Me and the Village People’s YMCA.

Dr. Katz is an award-winning professional pianist and formerly world-ranked amateur pianist with doctoral degrees in piano performance and teaching. His work is featured on the CDs Piano Imagination and Piano Fire and Air.

Walker is a member of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and an adjunct professor at Southwest. “She is definitely one of the top musicians in Memphis, a world-class viola player,” said Katz. Schwarz has more than a passing familiarity with the students he will join for the recital. He tutors music and other subjects at Southwest.

Everyone is invited to attend this landmark recital featuring the musical pioneers of the Southwest Piano Ensemble. For more information, call (901) 333-4535.