Southwest Tennessee Community College

April 25, 2005

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$74,000 Hewlett Packard (HP) Technology for Teaching grant includes HP wireless equipment and faculty stipend to improve student achievement

Southwest was selected as one of 31 two- and four- year colleges and universities nationwide to receive the 2005 HP Technology for Teaching grant, which is designed to transform and improve learning in the classroom through innovative uses of technology. Southwest will receive an award package of HP products and a faculty stipend valued at more than $74,000.

Each of the HP Technology for Teaching grant recipients will use HP wireless technology to enhance learning in engineering, math, science or business courses. At Southwest, the HP project will integrate the flexibility of wireless mobile technology with existing teleconferencing technology for the purpose of delivering instruction more effectively and making technical instruction more accessible to underserved locations. Emphasis will be placed on technical certificate programs that offer dual-credit high school courses designed to enable high school students to enter the hi-tech job market soon after graduation and still pursue higher education goals while gaining valuable work experience. The use of the HP wireless tablet will provide flexible course scheduling, one-on-one interactive instruction, and access to the latest PC technology.

The Southwest Engineering Technology (ENTC) Department chaired by Dr. Greg Maksi sees the HP grant as a significant opportunity to expand its just-in-time initiative for quick job entry and retraining, its dual-credit partnership with local high schools, and its distance learning goal for reaching out to underserved markets. This HP grant will be coordinated and implemented by Mike Northern and Lisa Jones the heads of the Electrical and the Telecommunications programs, respectively. Northern and Jones are recognized for leadership and quality work in their areas. Southwest’s ENTC department offers seven different two-year fully accredited engineering technology degrees and six different one-year technical certificates. The ENTC Department is nationally recognized for its modern classroom and laboratory facilities which provide students with outstanding learning opportunities and places them in an excellent position for employment in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

The 2005 HP Technology for Teaching grant program is awarding grants totaling $8.5 million to 174 kindergarten through 12th grade public schools and 31 two- and four- year colleges and universities in the US and Puerto Rico. HP has committed $25 million to the three-year program, which supports HP’s broader education goal of transforming teaching and learning through the integration of technology. More than 400 schools worldwide have received grants since the program’s inception last year.

“Technology has the power to positively transform the learning process for both educators and students,” said Bess Stephens, vice president, Philanthropy and Education, HP. “By integrating technology into their teaching, educators can engage students in new and innovative ways to increase achievement, and ultimately to prepare them for greater success in the classroom and beyond.”

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