Southwest Tennessee Community College

April 21, 2005

For more information, contact: Pat O’Brien at (901) 333-4021 / Kimberly Stark at (901) 333-4023


Five new one-day sales training seminars are set to start up this summer at Southwest Tennessee Community College, directed at companies, individuals and entire sales forces to improve critical aspects of their selling skills.

Five different areas will be covered:

  • Cold Calling Techniques that Really Work – leading appointment making program in the sales training industry that hones skills for generating leads and getting the appointment

  • High Efficiency Selling – an in-depth program for gathering the right information, customizing the proposal and improving closing ratios; covers prospect management and development of prospect criteria

  • Getting to Closed: Managing the Prospect Base – a patented proven prospect system for managing the prospect base and increasing sales efficiency

  • Telesales: Successful Telephone Selling – develops a full set of skills from opening call to solving issues and closing sales, this is the most effective strategies for improving sales effectiveness when the telephone is your only connection with the prospect

  • Coaching for Increased Sales Team Performance –assists sales managers master the “human equation” and “strategic equation” to reduce turnover and improve income-generating performance through successful coaching and communication skills and covers patented coaching principles

The seminars are proven sales boosters, with training substantially based on patented programs for increasing and managing sales. All seminars are offered on Fridays, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and each is $325.

For more information, call the Southwest Continuing Education Office at (901) 333-4207.