Southwest Tennessee Community College

February 14, 2005

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MSQPC Uses Baldrige to Assess Memphis City Schools

On February 1o, Consulting Associates from the Mid-South Quality Productivity Center (MSQPC) and principals and assistant principals from 52 elementary, middle and high schools in the Memphis City Schools system, sat down and started a process aimed at improving the quality of each individual school. Consulting Associates are a group of area quality professionals that act as independent consultants, trainers, and facilitators to work with MSQPC to assist area organizations in their quality improvement efforts.

The focus of the day-long event was to have associates from MSQPC use the Baldrige Self-Assessment tools to divulge what the schools are doing well, and what can be done better. In the morning session, 34 Memphis City Schools were on hand getting the process started. Eighteen schools were represented in the afternoon session. Baldrige Self-Assessments involve all levels of employees in an organization-wide strategic planning initiative and provide a true benchmark for evaluating quality readiness.

Dr. Neal Jackson, one of the consulting associates and a professor at Christian Brothers University, explained, “The associates are working with the schools to show them how to highlight what they already exceed at, and improve areas that need work.” Along with the self assessment, the associates from MSQPC will be spending one day at their assigned school. While at the school, they will meet with the staff and continue their assessment of the school.

During the event luncheon, Southwest Tennessee Community College’s Vice Provost Andrea Miller welcomed the participants. “Southwest needs Memphis City Schools,” states Miller. “We have to work together to make sure that all students in our community can succeed. When the faculty at Southwest is able to teach college students that have been successful in middle school and high school, it makes the learning process more productive and successful for the student.”

MSQPC promotes continuous learning with Mid-South businesses by offering college credit courses through a partnership with Southwest. These courses allow individuals in area businesses to expand their knowledge of quality and productivity "best practices" while earning college credit.

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