Southwest Tennessee Community College

March 8, 2005

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Companies all across the nation are using databases to do business more efficiently. For example, many companies use databases to track customers’ purchases so they can send them relevant coupons. Databases are also used to track customers’ zip codes in order to determine the best locations for new stores. Databases have become an integral part of many successful businesses, and Southwest Tennessee Community College has classes to get you started putting databases to effective use.

Companies that collect relevant data can use Structured Query Language (SQL) to view and manage data. SQL is the language that is used to retrieve information from all types of databases. The Computer Resource Center (CRC) at Southwest now offers three levels of training in SQL.

“SQL is the lynchpin of success for business today,” said Joan McGrory, associate professor of Information Technology – Programming. “A business that captures data without ever looking at it will not succeed in today’s world”. Without SQL, it would take “a tremendous number of man hours to view the volumes of data that are collected and turn that data into usable information,” McGrory pointed out.

Workers who want to learn Structured Query Language generally fall into three categories: those interested in basic information retrieval, those who need intermediate SQL skills for modification of data, and those seeking skills for advanced management of the database structure leading to certification. Southwest offers classes for all three categories of interest.

For more information about these and other classes, call the CRC at (901) 333-4277.