Southwest Tennessee Community College

September 21, 2005

For more information, contact: Kimberly Stark (901) 333-4023


The annual visit of Danish students from Svendborg College in Denmark to Southwest in Memphis offers an opportunity for Memphians to share a week’s cultural exchange as hosts to the visitors. ”We are expecting 28 students this year, arriving October 7,” said Debbie Hunt, international student coordinator at Southwest Tennessee Community College’s student exchange program.

Hosts will share their home and lifestyle with the students, providing weekend meals and breakfast and dinner during the week, organizing a few sightseeing/shopping opportunities and arranging for transportation to and from the College’s Macon Cove Campus October 10 to 14. Students arrive October 7 and leave Memphis October 15. All of the students, 17 to 22, speak English.

The week’s program is packed with site-seeing in Memphis, touring four local businesses to learn about American business, and seminars on campus that will include language, social studies, African American culture, and more. The most important ingredient in the mix, according to Hunt, “is experiencing the culture. It’s what flavors the entire visit and that’s why the host families are so important”.

Southwest has been offering the program for “about 10 years”, according to Hunt, adding, “It’s a favorite overseas visit for the Svendborg students who thoroughly enjoy a taste of American culture, southern style.” Those interested in participating as hosts may volunteer through Debbie Hunt via e-mail at or call her at (901) 685-6946.