Southwest Tennessee Community College

September 13, 2005

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Single Parents and Displaced Homemakers PREP for Success
Written by: Brenda J. Rayner

If you are a single parent, a displaced homemaker, or a dislocated worker, the Professional Re-entry Education Program (PREP) may be the boost needed to help you chose the right career option at Southwest Tennessee Community College.

PREP is an eight-week career counseling program that offers workshops on college life, positive imagining, career options, stress, time and money management, goal setting and more - all at no cost.

A Proven Success - Created in 1986, the PREP program has helped hundreds achieve rewarding careers. “PREP has benefited participants wanting to go back to school, establish a support system and set goals and objectives,” said Miki Craft, the program’s director. “We have several PREP alumni that are now Southwest employees,”

You can enroll in PREP if you are a single custodial parent; displaced homemaker; or dislocated worker possessing a high school diploma or GED; have not earned a college degree and are motivated for success.


  • An eight-week enrollment preparation/career counseling class

  • Assistance in applying for federal aid and scholarships

  • An on-going counseling relationship between participants and our PREP counselors, and the base for a support group

  • Child care assistance is provided for children ages 15 months through 12 years, as space allows

  • After completing the eight-week career counseling workshops, participants with financial need can borrow textbooks from the PREP library, upon availability, at Southwest

Dates for the next Class Cycle

Day classes: September 27- November 15, 2005
Evening classes: September 26 – November 14, 2005

Orientation will be held on the Union Avenue Campus - September 12-15, 2005

For more information, call the PREP Office (901) 333-5342 to schedule orientation.