Southwest Tennessee Community College

January 5, 2006

For more information: Kimberly Kreider 333-4023

Written by Pat O’Brien

Memphis, TN - Southwest Tennessee Community College is giving seniors (55 and up) a warm welcome to the world of digital cameras, thanks to a grant from the H.W. Durham Foundation. “Their grant has given us a generous number of digital cameras to provide the classroom advantage for learning how to use them,” said instructor Sherry Arnold. “This is perfect for those who have been wanting to switch to digital but are put off by instruction booklets that can seem ‘way too high tech or just don’t answer all their questions,” she added. “Plus, we have lots of printed handouts to reinforce everything they learn in class.”

The eight-week classes meet two hours one day a week. “Having the classes spread out lets us get the basics firmly down, and then learn ways to improve the quality of the pictures and try different ways of editing them,” said Arnold. “It’s a very simple editing program that introduces them to ways to manipulate their photos to give variety to their finished product. They print out and save to the hard drive, and put them on CD, if they wish, to archive and have for future use.”

Day and evening classes are offered at the Agricenter “where parking is easy. And the timing right now is great for anyone planning their next vacation and would like to switch to digital in time to learn how to use it then,” said Arnold. While the course is a camera class rather than a photography class, even inexperienced, wannabe camera bugs can learn the techniques needed to move them directly into the world of digital cameras. For more information, call Sherry Arnold at (901) 333-4858.