Southwest Tennessee Community College

June 27, 2006

For More Information, Contact: Keith Gentry (901) 333-4114/ (901) 619-1899 / Kimberly Kreider (901) 333-4023

Release written by Keith Gentry

Interested student-athletes are invited to the open tryouts for the 2006-2007 Southwest cheerleaders Friday and Saturday, July 28-29 in the Verties Sails Gymnasium on the College’s Union Avenue Campus. Registration will be at 3 p.m. on Friday, July 28 with tryouts, which are open to both men and women, beginning at 4 p.m. Finals are scheduled to begin at noon on Saturday, July 29. Members will be selected by a panel of judges.

Under the direction of fourth-year Cheerleading Coach Sabrina Tiller, the Southwest Cheer Squad
competes at national competitions, performs at men’s and women’s basketball games, and also represents the College at different Southwest and community functions during the school year.

Cheerleading Requirements:
Must be a full-time student at Southwest (at least 12 hours)
Must have basic tumbling skills
Must have at least two years of cheerleading/dance or majorette experience
Must be knowledgeable of basic cheerleading terminology
Must have a positive attitude!

Attire for tryouts:
Ladies – t-shirt or aerobics tank top, shorts or dance pants, sports bra, socks, gym shoes
Gentlemen – t-shirt, shorts or workout pants, socks, gym shoes
*All fitness attire must be tasteful.

Applications can be completed the day of auditions.