Southwest Tennessee Community College

June 28, 2006

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Southwest Holds TECTA Celebration
Written by Brenda J. Rayner

Southwest's Office of Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA) held their "Recognition Celebration" on Saturday, June 17 at the Macon Cove Campus. The Program honored students who completed TECTA courses and those who received their Childhood Development Association (CDA) credentials.
TECTA is a statewide training and professional recognition system created to support and enhance the qualifications of early childhood education personnel. It is based on the belief that all early childhood and school age care personnel need to acquire recognized professional knowledge and skills to provide appropriate care and education for young children. The primary goal is to improve early childhood education statewide by providing early childhood personnel with access to affordable training and education. Certificates and pins were presented to 60 honorees at Southwest.

The program opened with welcoming remarks from Elizabeth Wilson, director of the Southwest TETCA Program. "The Celebration is an exciting way to recognize the hard work and dedication of the early childhood students who are receiving TECTA scholarships. Our media gives so much attention to the things that are wrong in early childhood education; it is important that we spread the news that there are great things going on in early childhood that no one ever hears about. The fact that lots of early childhood providers are working hard to improve their knowledge and education to provide a better learning environment for the children they teach is wonderful and rarely recognized in the media."

Bridget Gales, 2006 student speaker for TECTA, and CDA Recipient, encouraged her fellow honorees to make a difference. "Our ultimate goal is to make a difference. Regardless of what society says our children will turn out to be, we can still help them become presidents of colleges, presidents of these United States, mayors, generals, and business owners."

Cheri Lindsley of the TECTA State Management Team was the speaker for the celebration. "Early childhood education is so vitally important to the well being of this city, our state, of everything there is to come," she remarked.

The program was sponsored by Knowledge Tree. Andy Gattas of Knowledge Tree, also a TECTA advisory committee member, made remarks along with Dr. Ada Shotwell, Dean of Liberal Studies and Education and Dr. Betty Johnson, department chair of Education. Among the many attendees were Provost, Executive Vice President Andrea Miller and Vice President Carol Tosh.

Below is a list of honorees by zip codes.

38002: Kristina Finch
38060: Hattie Cleaves, Gayle Morris
38066: Carolyn Bailey
38104: Deborah Brantley, Kimberly Wadlington
38106: Valerie Killebrew
38108: Elizabeth Russell
38109: Marilyn Nichls
38114: Wanda Madkins
38116: Iva Riley
38126: LaKeya Johnson
38128: Dorothy Grady
38134: Annette Clark
38135: VeVa Sowell, Rhonda Harris, Jeremiah Harris