Southwest Tennessee Community College


September 18, 2007

For Immediate Release

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It’s a tradition. For years now, Southwest has hosted a “visitation of Danes” – guest students from Svendborg College in Svendborg, Denmark – to spend a few days in Memphis each fall with host families. Now they’re on their way again, and looking for homes away from home. A group of 40 students will arrive at Memphis International Airport September 29 ready to dive into “Southern living.” And once again, Southwest is looking for host families to show off our famous Memphis hospitality.

“They come to study American culture,” said Debbie Hunt, International Programs coordinator at Southwest. “Their visit here precedes hotel stays in New York and Washington. So the Memphis part of their trip is the one they especially look forward to,” said Hunt. “Here they get to stay with Memphis families and have a chance to really “live American.”

Each year the College puts out a call for host families to accommodate the students. “This year’s group – 40 students and three teachers – is pretty large,” said Hunt. “Apparently, previous visitors have spread the word about Memphis hospitality and learning opportunities.” Their study topics this year are American literature, sports, business, sociology, a trip to the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock and, as always, the music of Memphis and Memphis as a cultural icon.

Hosts provide housing including breakfast and dinner, and transportation during the week. Evenings and weekend days and evenings are culture sharing opportunities for hosts and guests. The students’ English speaking level is good, so language difficulties will be minimal. Hunt emphasized the opportunity for two-way exchange by host families – “Previous visits have led to long-term friendships and future exchanges with the Danish students’ families, including international visits.”

The students range in age from 18 to 20. For more information about hosting a student, call Debbie Hunt at (901) 333-4556, 685-6946 or 488-5524 or, best way, e-mail her at

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