Southwest Tennessee Community College

For Immediate Release

Date November 27, 2007

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Dr. Ralph Chumbley, executive director for continuing education at Southwest, was recently appointed by Mayor Willie Herenton and confirmed by the City Council as a member of the newly-formed Memphis Youth Guidance Commission (YGC). Dr. Chumbley will serve as a board member representing the higher education community. The YGC was constituted under local statute to enhance the opportunities and quality of life for the children and youth of the City of Memphis. Under the direction of the YGC, the Youth Leadership Council will provide Memphis’ youth with opportunities to discuss their needs, initiate activities and projects that address their concerns, and participate in leadership programs and community service projects.

“I hope to tie my service on the YGC with my work on the Workforce Investment Board,” said Chumbley. “We have a basic summer jobs program in Memphis, but I hope that, through the YGC, we are able to expand summer employment opportunities for young people as well as couple their experience with a meaningful internship experience. Internship experiences are one of the best career exploration tools for young people,” explained Chumbley.

“It is my long-range desire that many of the high school students who will participate in the YGC summer internship programs (that will begin in 2008) will realize that they need more education than a high school diploma. I hope Southwest will eventually see many of these YGC summer interns enrolling as full-time college students beginning in the fall of 2008,” he added.

The YGC is authorized under Title 2, Chapter 2-72 of the Memphis Code and empowered to create a Commission of 21 members from eight vocations: business, cultural, education, employment, health, justice, recreation, and safety. The Memphis Youth Guidance Commission draws its members from professional agencies, volunteer community groups and the general public.

Further information on the work of the Youth Guidance Commission is available by contacting Dr. Chumbley directly at 901-333-4214 or via e-mail at:


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