Southwest Tennessee Community College

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Date: October 2, 2008

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Carolyn Head Returns as Executive Director of Library Services at Southwest

Carolyn Head has been selected to serve a second tenure at Southwest, this time as Executive Director of Library Services. Her responsibilities include supervising a new $17 million plus library to open on the Macon Cove Campus in January 2009. She managed and oversaw the development and evaluation of library operation and personnel services for the former Shelby State Community College Library as library director from1993-1997.

“The thing I like about community college,” Head said, “is that it is a melding of academia and the public. To me it is the best of both worlds. We serve more than just the faculty, staff and our students. We serve the community.”

Head returns to the college with impressive credentials, including 30 years of leadership, management and supervisory experience within diverse organizational environments. Her 12 years of administrative experience include: assistant director for Public Services for the First Regional Library System in northwest Mississippi; regional manager for the Nashville Public Library; branch team leader for the Seattle Public Library System; and assistant managing librarian for Edmonds Branch Library, Sno-Isle Regional Library System. She graduated from Tennessee State University with a B. S. degree in sociology. She earned a Master of Library Science degree in urban librarianship from Case Western Reserve University and an M. S. in urban anthropology from Memphis State University.

The primary responsibilities of library services fit well within the parameters of Head’s personal mission of service and with the direction and vision in which the college is headed in terms of community service, especially for the new library at Macon Cove. “The vision I have for library services is to develop ways that we can better serve our community. I think, particularly with this new library, we have that opportunity,” Head said. “I want the library to be more than just a repository for books and materials and interaction with the students. I see it as a destination place, a gathering place. This is the new trend for libraries now, to be a gathering place.”

Head feels that the administration has given her the latitude to implement measures to make library services more relevant. One of her goals is to encourage “the students, staff and community to realize and make full use of the resources that the library has to offer. We have a wealth of resources,” she said. Many people, Head feels, tend to just Google information. If they can’t find it that way, then they come in or seek assistance from the staff.

A strong proponent of volunteerism and community service, Head has performed community service for 20 organizations and agencies, and currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Peace and Justice Center. She is also a facilitator/trainer for Common Ground-Diversity Training.


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