Southwest Tennessee Community College

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Date: September 26, 2008

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Jim Avery Provides New Leadership for Information Systems at Southwest

Jim Avery arrived at Southwest in June as executive director of Information Systems with a portfolio packed with information technology, business and financial management, and higher education administration experience. He is responsible for all information technology resources for students and administration; application services, networking and telecommunications infrastructure services; client services; and help desk services for the entire college.

Avery says it is his perspective on the role information technology plays in the organization’s structure that qualifies him to handle responsibilities of this magnitude. But, while a good working knowledge of what makes information technology important in any organization is necessary, it is people skills that bridge the role of information technology and the mission and vision of the organization. “My goal is to align the technology resources with the business of the college in order to enable it to do what it is here to do. And that ‘business’ is to educate students in this community,” said Avery.

Avery’s professional credentials include 10 years in higher education at Crichton College, as assistant professor of business; director of Information Systems; webmaster; chief financial officer; and marketing consultant to the president and administration. He also was formerly senior vice president of marketing for First South Credit Union in Millington, Tennessee, and administrator and business manager for Faith Heritage Baptist Church and Christian Academy, also in Millington.

As executive director of Information Systems at the college, Avery has several directional themes. The first is customer service: “We must first recognize who our customers are. And often, that means, not so much the students, as those who serve our students – faculty and administrators,” said Avery. The second theme is professional development. “I believe that, as an institution of higher learning, we need to set the example of being lifelong learners and develop to our fullest potential.”

Avery earned an MBA with a concentration in Management Information Systems from the University of Memphis; a baccalaureate in Marketing from U of M; and an A.A.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Southwest.

Avery serves on several college committees and initiatives including the Tennessee Board of Regents Information Technology Sub-Council. He is very active in the community, with involvement past and present on 24 boards, committees, and organizations. Avery and his wife, Linda, are the proud parents of 10 children.


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