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Date: December 14, 2009

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Southwest Students Win Big in a National Engineering Poster Contest

The Engineering Education Service Center (EESC) recently announced that four Southwest Graphic Arts Print Production II students had winning entries in its Fall 2009 poster contest. Susanna Bunt Harlan tied for first place, Rachelle Baker tied for third place, and Lloyd Dale and Tommy Robbins received honorable mention. "Each year, the competition gets better. This year we had 201 entries from students all over the United States. The bulk of contestants came from high schools and colleges in California, Ohio, Colorado, Washington, Tennessee, Wisconsin, New York, Arizona, Illinois, Arkansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Texas," said an enthusiastic Patsy Fancher, associate professor and Interim Department Chair of Industrial, Environmental and Graphics Arts Technologies for Southwest Tennessee Community College.

As cited on the National Science Teachers Association's Web page, the mission of EESC is to provide, or help provide, information resources to promote, guide, and stimulate interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), with a particular emphasis on engineering. The center seeks to diversify the types of engineers in society by exposing large numbers of students to the capacity they will have to benefit society.

The theme of the contest was "Engineers of America." Winning entries were those that best reflected the theme. Winners were selected from among qualified entries, based on creativity, imagination, and the ability to inspire. "The designs submitted were thoughtful, smart and dynamic. It was very apparent that students have a deeper understanding of engineering careers. Not only did they show us that they understood engineering but also that the image of the engineer has vastly improved," said Fancher.

Some comments of Southwest winners as they reflected on the inspiration for their designs:

Susanna Bunt Harlan – "I didn't know what to do for about a good two weeks; I just sat on it. Then one night it just came to me. I just got an iPhone recently and I decided that I should create an application like the iPhone has and incorporate it into the 'Engineers of America' theme. The slogan on the end of the poster, 'The next Application is You,' just came naturally." Harlan hopes to find a job when she finishes the graphic arts program in May 2010.

Tommy Robbins – "I tried to think of great engineering feats by American engineers. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was my greatest inspiration. That, the American flag, and the theme, 'Engineers of America,' were virtually my piece." Robbins is in his second year of the graphic arts program but will be in school longer because he says he's taking his time to explore where the field of graphic arts can take him.

Lloyd Dale – "I was going through different mechanical and engineering technological elements like circuit boards, mechanical gears, motor cycles, and engines. For some reasons the gears [featured in the bottom of his poster design] really stood out for me. They just blended in well. The glowing blue print background just seemed to fit. I was looking for something to tie it in with America. And when I saw the flag that I used in the design – the way it was positioned – it just worked." Dale plans to get more experience and eventually start his own business. He says he'll transfer to a four-year school to get a bachelor's degree after graduating in May.


Photo Caption: Tied for first place, Susanna Bunt Harlan

Photo Caption: Tied for third place, Rachelle Baker (not pictured)

Photo Caption: Honorable mention, Lloyd Dale

Photo Caption: Honorable mention, Tommy Robbins