Southwest Tennessee Community College

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Date: December 18, 2009

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Southwest's Union Avenue Campus Admissions and Records Office Wins Tree Decorating Contest

To make the holidays interesting, generate team spirit, and stir up a little friendly competition, the Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management at Southwest had a tree decorating contest which ended on December 10. The Recruiting, and Admissions and Advising departments, along with the Financial Aid offices on the Union Avenue and Macon Cove campuses decked their reception areas with beautifully and imaginatively decorated trees.

Judges were brought in to determine the winning trees on the basis of innovation, appearance, and use of color, originality, creativity, presentation appeal and effective demonstration of their theme. A representative for each office gave an overview of the inspiration for their themes.

Sherrie Scott, secretary II for Admissions and Advising on the Union Avenue Campus, represented the winning entry. She said, "We called it 'Gift Giving with Education,' and we like to think that we are a great part of that. We tied in the [educational] information with the admissions and records team by making sure the tree conveyed warmth with our smiling faces on the pictures [in the ornaments, that we made of the forms used in the office] and what we do to help the students. We continued that by showing our different locations, so no matter where students are in the community; we are a very real presence for them." Their theme was "Get on Board."

Shawna Petty-Jones represented the Union Avenue Campus Financial Aid office. "With the economy as bad as it is, we wanted to show unity. We did this by getting together and making wishes for what we wanted for the world – peace, unity, prosperity for everyone. We love Southwest; we love everyone," said Petty- Jones.

Vanessa Dowdy, Recruiting and Admissions and Records representative for the Macon Cove Campus, said "Our theme, the 'Angel Tree,' represents the diverse student population at Southwest. The colors on it are: Purple, for the royal treatment we give our students when they visit our offices; Gold, representing the golden opportunity we offer each student who admits and enrolls in the college; and Cream, for the warm feeling students have when they leave each representative who helps them reach their goals. And the gifts under our tree represent the many rewards we receive through recruiting, admitting and advising. But the greatest of these gifts is certifying the degree." 

Katrina Muldrow, financial aid assistant for the Macon Cove Campus, represented their office, saying, "The theme for our tree is 'There is no place like Southwest.' We incorporated the colors of Southwest, and of course, Dorothy's great line from the movie, The Wizard of OZ: 'There's no place like home.' Because ultimately, Southwest is home for us. So in the end, once the characters come together, they decide that Southwest is their best choice."


Photo caption: Union Avenue Campus Admission and Advising Tree

Photo caption: Union Avenue Campus Financial Aid Tree

Photo caption: Macon Cove Campus Recruiting and Admissions and Records Tree

Photo caption: Macon Cove Campus Financial Aid Tree