Southwest Tennessee Community College

For Immediate Release

Date: January 14, 2010

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Southwest's 2009 Nursing Graduates Score 100 Percent Pass Rate on the National Council Licensure Exam

"Fifty-one 2009 Southwest nursing graduates have now taken the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), and all 51 passed it on the first attempt, for a 100 percent pass rate. We are so proud of our students – of the nurses they have worked so hard to become!" reflected Mary Vines, department chair of nursing at Southwest Tennessee Community College.

Vines expressed pride in the graduates and in what they have accomplished. "These graduates and others that have gone before them are excellent representatives of Southwest and the nursing program." She explained that passing the licensing exam is required before a nursing graduate can practice as a registered nurse.

A nursing program that consistently graduates classes of students who pass the NCLEX at a high 80 to upper 90 percent rate is considered an excellent program, Vines continued. "That is a record Southwest has achieved and will strive to maintain."

"In addition to meeting the rigorous admission standards and competing with hundreds of other highly qualified students in order to be accepted into the program, students prepare for this moment after two years of study in the program," said Vines. She added that "the most important element in the education of our nurses is our faculty and staff. The nursing faculty and staff are available to assist the students in their progress through the program."

"The nursing faculty are professionals. They are active in the community and maintain expertise in their areas. Our students benefit from the role models of their instructors as well as from their class and clinical lessons, added Vines."

Vines stressed "Our students – our new nurses – are looking forward to the career they've worked so hard to attain. The faculty and staff are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the newly admitted nursing students and welcoming the returning students at the start of a new semester. And we are looking forward to the new facilities to be built in the future."


Photo caption: Southwest Nursing Chair Mary Vines helps students prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).