For Immediate Release - Southwest Tennessee Community College

Date: July 22, 2010

A Southwest Tennessee Community College Staff Member Takes a Leap of Faith

There are some significant life events that we love celebrating, like graduations, marriages, and of course birthdays, like sweet sixteen and fabulous forty. As we move from one generation to the next in the aging process, some of us celebrate, some of us cry – and some of us fly. Executive director for library services at Southwest, Carolyn Head, took a daring "Leap of Faith" to celebrate her 60th birthday on July 11 by skydiving with her son Dennis. "This was my 60th birthday request … I called this my ‘Leap of Faith.’ I actually went through a couple of clouds," said Head.

In describing her feat, she said she showed up wearing her college T-shirt underneath her skydiving gear. "I had on my Southwest shirt and I had a little Southwest banner but could not take it with me."


Photo Caption: Carolyn Head soars through the sky in celebration of her 60th birthday.

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