For Immediate Release - Southwest Tennessee Community College

Date: August 23, 2011

New Pathways Ensure Transfer Opportunities between Community Colleges and Public Universities in Tennessee

Tennessee Board of Regents Chancellor John Morgan and Southwest Tennessee Community College President Nathan L. Essex issued the following statement on August 22, 2011 "Today marks a milestone for collaboration in higher education across Tennessee. We are proud to announce that Southwest Tennessee Community College students or any community college students who want to complete a bachelor's degree now have a guarantee that their credits will transfer to any public university in Tennessee if they choose any one of 50 different majors offering transfer pathways."

The TBR, in cooperation with the UT system, is announcing the creation of 50 universal transfer pathways ensuring students' ability to make timely and cost-effective transitions from community colleges in Tennessee to our universities.

This is among the single-most important achievements in recent years to increase the number of Tennesseans with four-year degrees, and this is a major component of the Complete College Act. A list of all 50 transfer pathway majors is available at:

TBR and Southwest are grateful to the 420 faculty members from our TBR universities and community colleges for their collaboration over the past 12 months to create the transfer pathways. Their work made this achievement possible. Of the 420 faculty members, those representing Southwest were; James Foley, Garry Spencer, Dr. Robert Walker, Judy Hatmaker, Nathan Washington, MaLinda Wade, Shannon Little, Cindy Fowinkle, Dr. Tuwanda Simmons, and Michael Scott.

Students entering a community college in Tennessee who select one of 50 majors with accompanying transfer pathways, complete required courses and earn an associate's degree can transition seamlessly as a junior at a Tennessee public university. Some specific academic programs, such as Nursing where class sizes are limited, may have competitive admissions based on enrollment, but students will be advised about any requirements when they first enroll in the program. Of the 50 transferable majors, the following are offered at Southwest; Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, Social Work, and Sociology.

All earned credit hours will apply toward a bachelor's degree in the same discipline. The pathways also guarantee admission to all public universities in the state, except for UT Knoxville, where competitive admission standards will still apply.

These pathways will provide "academic roadmaps" for students and are expected to increase the number of transfer students here at campuses across our system, while ensuring students do not waste time or money in the process.


For more information contact: Brenda J. Rayner, (901) 333-4247,, Farris Bldg., Room 1002, 5983 Macon Cove, Memphis, TN 38134