Honors Classes

The honors program strives to provide a variety of unique course offerings each semester to meet our students’ needs and academic interests. These courses are exclusive to honors students, offering a smaller class size with highly motivated students and more individual attention. Honors students can take any honors courses they choose, but must plan to take Honors Inquiry their final spring semester before graduation. Click on a link below to view our current and previous honors courses and to learn more about Honors Inquiry, our capstone course.

Current Semester

You can also view our previous course schedules from past semesters at our previous courses page.

Honors Inquiry

HONR 1110: Honors Inquiry is the required capstone course of the honors program. As a capstone, Honors Inquiry is a culminating course that integrates the skills students have learned throughout their honors experience. All honors students are required to take this course in their final spring semester before graduation. This course is only offered in the spring semester and is required for graduation with an honors designation on the diploma.

Honors Inquiry

Honors Inquiry adopts the NCHC’s City as Text© approach, which Bernice Braid describes in Place as Text: Approaches to Active Learning as a type of experiential learning where “students regard the world as a book to be read and to see their journey through it as a mapper's task of charting the personal paths they take to uncover and discover what's out there” (25). In Honors Inquiry, a specific city will be chosen as a focus of study, with students acting as explorers of that city through written texts and personal observations through travel abroad. In partnership with International Studies, Honors Inquiry will be offered as a study abroad course each spring, giving students the opportunity to totally immerse themselves in an international destination and explore its history, culture, and way of life. Through observation, reflection, connection, and analysis, students will compare their experiences to the course content and answer key questions that lead to a greater understanding of the world and themselves. This course will include a capstone project, and an alternative pathway to completion will be available to students who are unable or choose not to study abroad. For more information about Honors Inquiry, please contact the honors program coordinators.