Preventing Harassment in the Workplace and On Campus


Southwest Tennessee Community College in conjunction with New Media Learning, LLC is pleased to present this online training program as a convenient, easy way for employees to complete our mandatory sexual harassment training and ultimately help Southwest maintain an environment free from harassment, discrimination and intimidation.

Course Description

The program is designed to train employees to identify prohibited, harassing behaviors whether those behaviors be of a sexual nature, or based on race, color, religion, age, national origin or disability. The program begins with a "pretest" to evaluate users' current understanding of harassment issues and concludes with a 15-question mastery test to evaluate knowledge gained throughout the course.

Scoring and Completion

If your score is lower than 80, five (5) or more incorrect answers, please retake the test.

If you achieve a score of 80 or higher, four (4) incorrect answers, fill out your name and department in the appropriate screen and submit it. You will be prompted to print a certificate of completion.

Note: If you have a pop-up blocker, please disable it so you can print the certificate.

Keep the certificate for your records, and submit a copy of it to the Human Resources office. The certificate will be placed in your personnel file.  After the course is completed, the program will send an email to the Human Resources office with the employee's name, date of completion, and score so a comparison can be made with the certificate that the employee submits.

Program Deadlines

All new Southwest employees are required to complete this program within 30 days of the first day worked. The program takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. Please set aside this time in its entirety to fully complete the course. All current Southwest employees should have already completed the program. If you have not completed the program, please contact Wilma Randle at 901-333-5367.

Access the Preventing Harassment in the Workplace and on Campus program.