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Welcome to our Helpful Resources page on employee benefits. Below you will find contact information for our providers as well as helpful links to connect you directly to each company. Benefits are an important part of our employees' compensation. We hope this site can assist you with your benefits needs.

[Benefits Administration] [State of Tennessee Group Insurance Program] [Health Insurance] [Dental Insurance] [Vision] [Employee Assistance Program/Mental Health Substance Abuse] [401(k) Plan] [Additional Insurance] [Long-Term Disability] [Life Insurance] [Long-Term Care] [Flexible Benefits Plans] [Retirement Plans]

Benefits Administration (Tennessee Department of Finance & Administration)

Phone: 800-253-9981
Fax: 615-741-8196
Email: benefits.administration@state.tn.us
Website: http://www.tn.gov/finance/ins/quicklinks.shtml

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State of Tennessee Group Insurance Program

ParTNers for Health
Phone: 866-741-6464
Website: partnersforhealthtn.org

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Health Insurance

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
Phone: 800-558-6213
Website: www.bcbst.com/members/tn_state/

CIGNA HealthCare (Preferred Provider Organization [PPO])
Phone: 800-244-6224
Website: www.cigna.com

CVS Caremark Prescription
Phone: 877-522-8679
Website: www.caremark.com

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Dental Insurance

Assurant Employee Benefits
Prepaid Dental Plan
Phone: 800-443-2995
Website: www.assurantemployeebenefits.com/STofTN

Delta Dental
Preferred Dental Organization (PDO)
Phone: 615-255-3175 or 800-223-3104
Website: statetn.deltadentaltn.com/

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EyeMed Vision Care
Phone: 1-855-779-5046
Website: www.eyemedvisioncare.com/stoftn

Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Phone: 1-877-503-1588
Website: www.vsp.com

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Employee Assistance Program/Mental Health Substance Abuse

Magellan Behavior Health
Phone: 855-437-3486
Website: www.Here4TN.com

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401(k) Plan

Tennessee Department of Treasury/Great West
Representative: Alese Pewitt
Phone: 901-378-1766 (Cell) or 615-244-1030 or 800-922-7772
Email: alese.pewitt@gwrs.com
Website: www.treasury.state.tn.us/dc/

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Additional Insurance

American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC)
Representative: Terry Riggan Lowery
Phone: 901-758-8484 or 901-355-3630 (Cell)
Email: terry_lowery@us.aflac.com
Website: www.aflac.com

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Long-Term Disability

The Prudential Insurance Company of America
Representative: Karen C. Guntor
Phone: 770-604-7383
Fax: 770-604-7336
Email: karen.guntor@prudential.com

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Life Insurance

Minnesota Life (Optional Term)
Phone: 866-881-0631
Website: www.lifebenefits.com

Fort Dearborn (Basic Term and Accidental)
Phone: 800-348-4512

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Long-Term Care

State of Tennessee
Representative: Pennye Smith
Phone: 615-590-5824 or 866-615-5824
Email: pennye@itconsultants.com
Website: www.LTC-TN.com

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Flexible Benefits Plans

Fringe Benefits Management Company
Phone: 800-342-8017
Website: www.myFBMC.com

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Retirement Plans

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System
Phone: 800-770-8277
Email: tcrs.counseling@state.tn.edu
Website: www.treasury.tn.gov/tcrs/

Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (VALIC)
Representative: Scot Brothers
Phone: 901-755-9277 or 901-533-8212 (Pager)
Email: barry.scot.brothers@valic.com
Website: www.valic.com

Representative: Calvin Reid
Phone: 901-496-2741 or 800-262-3862
Email: calvin.reid@ingfp.com
Website: www.ing-usa.com

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF)
Phone: 800-842-2252 or 800-842-2776
Website: www.tiaa-cref.org/

Representative: Andrew (Drew) Hall
Phone: 615-783-2905
Email: anhall@tiaa-cref.org

Representative: Rich Levine
Phone: 615-783-2907
Email: rlevine@tiaa-cref.org

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