International Studies

You Can Go Anywhere From Here!

International Studies at Southwest is established to promote global experiences through various programs for students, faculty, and staff at the college.

Southwest initiated its first study abroad program in International Studies with 25 students and two faculty members traveling to Cape Town, South Africa, where the group studied African literature and culture. This program has continued to grow in the years since.

For more information about our long term Study Abroad program call or email

Keep abreast of upcoming events — check out the Student Events Calendar, digital monitors located around the college and like us on the International Studies Facebook and College Facebook (opens new window) pages.

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Contact Information

Location: Macon Cove Campus Academic Building Wing B, Room 139
Phone: 901-333-4250
Fax: 901-333-4263

Location: Union Avenue Campus B Building, Room 221
Phone: 901-333-5268
Fax: 901-333-5222

Email: internationalstudies@

Assistant: Maggie Agnew

Specialist: Jessica Miller