Southwest International Studies Diplomat

International Studies

What is a Southwest International Studies Diplomat?

Southwest International Studies Diplomats are students that are selected to serve as representatives of the College and International Studies. The duties of a Diplomat are very broad, generally falling into four main categories: campus globalization, study abroad marketing, hospitality, and public relations.


Diplomats must meet the following:

  • Be free of any disciplinary action by the College
  • Be willing to work in all areas of the College
  • Have at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Have a minimum 2.9 GPA and at least ACT score of 19 if a freshman and recent high school graduate
  • Be currently enrolled in at least six credit hours at Southwest, including the Summer semester
  • Be familiar with the International Studies Department and its activities
  • Be supportive of an loyal to the College
  • Be of good moral character and respectful to others
  • Have an outgoing and energetic personality
  • Be receiving little to no financial aid, additional scholarships, or fee waivers

Diplomats will receive a Southwest Academic Service Scholarship that pays out of pocket tuition based on full time enrollment. A 75-hour per semester service obligation to the College is required of all students enrolled full time. For part time students, the maximum amount awarded and the service obligations are prorated. Evaluations will be given during the semester. Applicants are reviewed by a committee and must interview with International Studies staff.

Diplomats must also be available to do study abroad peer advising, which is included in the 75 hours required to be completed. Diplomats will be trained to peer advise for study abroad. Duties include:

  • Complete at least 25 hours per month
  • Present information about different countries at information tables and orientation sessions
  • Be a buddy to students preparing to study abroad
  • Attend Southwest Study Abroad activities and events
  • Attend International Studies activities and events
  • Assist students with your knowledge of the Study Abroad program
  • Be willing to work events at multiple College locations


Complete the form below to be considered as a Southwest International Studies Diplomat. Remember to select "Submit" when finished and contact 901-333-4250/5268 if you require assistance.

Diplomat Form

Scholarship applications are accepted from August 1 – September 1 annually. This form will be active only at that time.