English as a Second Language (ESL)

To ensure progress and completion of a degree at Southwest and success in the workforce, the English department offers four ESL courses as well as ESL sections of English Composition I & II, Voice & Articulation, and Fundamentals of Communication

  • ENGL 1000 - ESL Listening & Speaking
  • ENGL 1001 - ESL Reading & Writing
  • ENGL 1002 - ESL
  • ENGL 1003 – ESL
  • ENGL 1010 – English Composition I
  • ENGL 1020 – English Composition II
  • COMM 1620 – Voice & Articulation
  • COMM 2025 – Fundamentals of Communication

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Services for English as a Second Language Students

International Student Orientation and Advising

International Student Orientation is held during spring and fall registration. During Orientation, students receive information about the Southwest and about Memphis and the surrounding area. Students are tested and placed in English as a Second Language courses and advised of other courses to take. Orientation is open to all International (students attending Southwest on student visas) and second language students. Returning ESL students are invited to attend advising sessions which are part of Orientation.

Conversation Table

A conversation table is held weekly in the International Studies Office during the academic semester for students to practice English in an informal setting. Students bring their lunches and enjoy meeting and talking to other students and faculty members.

International Student Club

The International students club is open to all international students and any American student interested international affairs and cultural exchange. The purpose of the club is to promote and support international students at Southwest and to provide entertainment and a social life for members of the club.

Student Advising

An academic advisor is available for international students.

Academic Support Center (ASC)

The Academic Support Center provides academic assistance and enrichment for all Southwest students through the use of technology, tutoring, and other educational resources. The academic tutors welcome International students. Currently, the ASC has locations at the Gill Center, Macon Cove Campus, Maxine A. Smith Center, Union Avenue Campus, and the Whitehaven Center. Visit the Academic Support Center website for more information.

If you are interested in attending, please email Chris Hastings at cjhastings@southwest.tn.edu.