InfoNet Library Online Orientation

The orientation will introduce you to the InfoNet Library, it's services and resources.

  1. Login to PAWS.
  1. With a successful login, look in the upper left corner of the browser, directly below the PAWS logo, and locate the "Tutorials & Online Orientation for Students" widget. Follow the directions within the widget to enroll in the Library Online Orientation.
  2. From the Self Registering Course Offerings table select "Library Online Orientation" from the "Course Offering Name" column.
  3. The Course Offering Description will display. Select the "Register" button.
  4. The required fields will be automatically filled in. Select the "Submit" button.
  5. A Confirmation screen will appear, select "Finish" to advance to the "Registration Summmary" page. From the Registration Summmary page select "Done."
  6. After a successful registration, look for the "My Courses" widget, located in the center column below the "News" widget. Select the "Library Online Orientation -" link.
  7. Read the Welcome message and select the "Library Online Orientation" link. Begin working throught the contents.
    Note: The orientation will open in a new browser window.
  8. Remember to logout of PAWS after taking the Library Orientation Quiz.