Quality Enhancement Plan

The Enhanced Quality Educational Practice Team (EQuEPT) is Southwest Tennessee Community College's (Southwest) Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to provide wrap around support services for students inside and outside of the classroom to improve student learning in multiple areas. The QEP is an action plan to improve student learning and the environment supporting student learning. It is also part of the reaffirmation of accreditation process.

EQuEPT activities focus on four areas; Counseling, Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring and Structured Learning Communities with the goal of improving student learning in particular classes and improving students’ non-cognitive learning skills to promote their readiness and ability to learn.

EQuEPT will kick off Fall 2014 as a pilot project serving up to 70 first time freshman in a structured learning community consisting of a four person faculty team teaching block scheduled sections of English Composition I, Fundamentals of Speech Communications, Probability and Statistics, and Academic Success.


Expansion from the pilot will include those activities that demonstrated success or showed promise. Expansion opportunities will include; using supplemental instruction in additional sections of the four pilot courses and into other content areas, creating additional learning communities to serve more and other students.