Southwest adopts new diversity statement

Southwest is committed to creating a diverse academic community that fosters cultural awareness, mutual respect and understanding.  To this end, the College has adopted a new diversity statement under the direction of Vice-President of Student Services Jacqueline Faulkner and Diversity Committee Chair Nikita Ashford-Ashworth. The Diversity Committee is comprised of all facets of the college community with representation by faculty, staff and students. 

Following is the College’s new diversity statement:

Southwest Tennessee Community College promotes equity, inclusion, and diversity. This creates a diverse campus culture that honors and reflects the communities it serves by respecting, valuing, understanding, accepting, and celebrating individual ideas, identities, abilities, and traits. We define diversity as all the ways in which we differ from one another, and we see each individual as unique and valuable.

Southwest Tennessee Community College is committed to attracting, recruiting, and retaining a diverse faculty, staff, and student body in the belief that diversity is central to the success of its students, employees, and its community. Southwest is committed to continuing to build and sustain respectful and supportive relationships through which intolerance, discrimination, and social injustice are confronted and resolved through peaceful behavior.

For more information about the College’s access and diversity goals and opportunities, click here.