Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Testing

A student must be registered with Student Disability Services and approved for special testing arrangements by the Student Disabilities Coordinator, Ms. Sherri Scott each semester. Once approved, the provision of approved special testing arrangements is the responsibility of the Student Disability Services registrant and each of their instructors. Once the disability accommodation form has been received by the instructor, a discussion/agreement of how to best meet the special testing accommodation should take place immediately. Instructors can test in a separate classroom, during office hours, or at a designated, reduced-distraction location provided by each site. Site coordinators and instructors should work out any proctoring requirements and special test instructions.

If the registrant chooses to use either of the main campuses [Macon Cove or Union Avenue] for their special testing needs, Testing at Macon and Student Disability Services at Union can be responsible for proctoring examinations (midterms, finals, and quizzes) to special needs students in a quiet and distraction reduced environment. Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment at the Macon Cove Campus online via the Southwest Testing website. Students wishing to test at the Union Avenue Campus must schedule and appointment by calling 901-333-5116 or 901-333-4223. All students are expected to abide by the regular testing rules.

Please pay close attention to the types of ADA testing offered when scheduling online for the Macon Cove Campus. There are three (3) types of ADA testing accommodations offered:

ADA Testing (Computerized)

Student has a computerized test and can test in regular testing lab with extended testing time.

ADA Testing (Paper & Pencil)

Student has a paper and pencil test and can test in regular lab with extended testing time.

ADA (Private room, Scribe, Reader, etc.)

Student has a paper and pencil test or computerized test and has been approved for a private room, has a reader, scribe, etc. and requires a private room setting.

Please make sure you schedule the correct type of ADA testing needed so the Testing staff can schedule accordingly and accommodate as many students as possible. If you have questions, please call 901-333-4170.