Tennessee Promise (TN Promise) Community Service

Eight (8) hours of community service must be completed and submitted by July 1 for Fall, by December 1 for Spring, and by April 1 for Summer

Why perform community service?

Community service is a way to give back to your community, become involved and say 'thank you' for this scholarship! It is also a great way to meet new people and learn about your community.

What is community service?

Community service is time contributed to a nonprofit or public service organization. The community should be benefitting from the work you do! Students can also volunteer in their field of interest to gain experience. This means that job shadowing and unpaid internships may count toward your community service requirement. Make sure you are volunteering with an actual organization (not an individual), you are not being paid and you are being supervised by someone who is not a family member. Students can volunteer with more than one organization to meet their eight (8) hour requirement. Students can count unpaid internships and job shadowing opportunities as well!

Submit community service hours to your partnering organizations before each deadline. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your Tennessee Promise scholarship.

Submitting Community Service Hours

tnAchieves Students

For tnAchieves students, you can submit hours online using the tnAchieves community service form (opens new window)

Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Students

For REDI students, submit hours using the online REDI community service form (opens new window)

Find community service opportunities

The college offers multiple on-campus community service opportunities each semester. We will send out communications through email and text message once events become available. For off campus volunteer opportunities, you can visit the below resources: