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Veterans Affairs (VA)

• A Veterans Empowerment Training is now available. Please check the Veterans Empowerment Training informational page for more details.
• Remember to complete the application for a Helping Heroes Grant (opens new window) for each academic year.
• Meet our Veteran Student Support Team.

Veterans Affairs (VA) provides counseling and outreach services to assist veterans in becoming acclimated to college life while obtaining veterans education benefits and/or other available resources. This office, the link between the college and the Department of Veterans Affairs, assists eligible veterans, dependents, reservists/guardsmen and disabled veterans (military service-connected disabilities) with applying for educational funding and offers guidance on VA regulations.

In order to receive VA Educational Assistance, eligible persons must be enrolled in a VA approved program leading to a specific degree or certificate. VA does not certify payment for non-degree seeking students unless in a transient status. Transient students must provide an authorization letter from the VA official at their primary institution. In addition, all previously earned credits, as appropriate, must be applied to the enrolled program. Only course(s) included in the requirements for the degree program being pursued will be certified for educational benefits.

Service members, veterans and dependents of veterans who are eligible for VA benefits or other governmentally funded educational assistance may submit an application to defer payment of tuition and fees until the final day of the requested semester.

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Veteran Student Support Team

Nikita Ashford-Ashworth
Ms. Nikita Ashford-Ashworth
Director of Advising & Certifying Official
Tonya Birdsong
Ms. Tonya Birdsong
Professional Academic Advisor/Coordinator & Certifying Official
Mia Atkins-Beason
Ms. Mia Atkins-Beason
Professional Academic Advisor & Certifying Official
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Ms. Kristina King
Professional Academic Advisor & Certifying Official